ABOUT ERIC: Client Traveling

About Eric 

Eric Oxendorf is a nationally-known architectural photographer. Over thirty five years of experience provides clients with his knowledge of light and how to capture it on either film or digital formats. Although well versed in digital manipulation, extreme digital work is out of the aethestic realm of his desired end-effect. Reality, and the subjects relation to nature and the environment, are just one of his artistic goals. 

Eric has a degree and training in art, not architecture. 

There are several reasons for his reputation for spectacular photographs. He is patient, waiting for the elements of light and nature to be in sync before taking the photograph. He is visionary, looking for the unique angles and characteristics which will create a dramatic image. He gets the images that win awards and get published. 

He relies on and follows his instincts, acts on his emotional and educated impulses but with his knowledge of planetary changes and weather, provides images the are USEFUL to the client-not just artwork. His self-motivation makes him very productive and insightful. The focus of his work is to make a poetic statement of the subject he wished to photograph. 

Other personal information: 

Veteran, United States Naval Aviation, Vietnam, four tours with HS-6 & HC-7 (Det 110 Big Mother)-Helicopter Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR) 

Graduate, Layton School of Art 

-Nearly finished with Fine Arts Degree, University of Wisconsin 

Teacher and Lecturer, numerous workshops and semester work including University of Wisconsin School of Architecture 

Studied under Ansel Adams. Workshops with Roy Cordova, Brett Weston, Paul Caponigro, Ruth Bernhard and Henry Gilpin 


-Amercian Society of Media Photographers, Midwest, past VP 

-SAR-Sons of the American Revolution 

-EAA-Experimental Aircraft Association 

-AOPA-Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association 

-Layton Alumni 



Other Useless Information/Proof of Experience 

-Private Pilot / Instruments 4000 hours 

-Kodak Test Photographer 

-Best Fish so far-29 inch Walleye Pike (2007)-released 

-Hobbies include astronomy, weather, drawing, skiing, fishing, camping, observing, pre-1950 movies and living life fully, always maintaining the Positive. 

Aviation Resume available on request 

Artistic Resume on next panel